Your goal.. Our venture with you

To succeed on a journey bigger than your own aspirations, it takes creativity on multiple levels, adjustment of speed to move forward, and the right connections. LeadVentures exist for the purpose to create the levers for you to pull when needed. Performance marketing and Lead Gen are our specialties. While many goals may be finite, there will be others that will be open to creative change as the world changes. Every business and their missions will always need customers. LeadVenture takes the journey with you to accomplish the current day goals and position you for the more infinite mission to keep you relevant for years to come.


Provide marketing performance results that exceed expectations, by taking an honest look at the people who will engage your services today and a decade from now. To work towards client outcomes that move the triggers that in turn create measured outcomes.


Becoming essential by leveraging creative marketing, technology and human talent, to surpass finite targets.

Our Values

To Listen and ask the right questions

To Deliver for our Partners, Clients and Team

To Do what is Right

To Respect All People

To provide Grace

To remain Open to all Views

To Win as a Team

Lead-Ventures, dares to do those things that may be considered audacious with-in the performance marketing arena. No matter the industry, we look to help our clients acquire customers, create awareness, and re-enforce position. Leveraging technology, contact centers and pure creativity, we partner with companies to obtain their outreach goals. Challenge us to Help you!

– President, Sean-Reed McGee